Experience the Intersection of Taste and Myth

The Name

First thing first: the name. 

You may wonder what Shamrock is. The name Shamrock comes from the Irish word, seamróg [ˈʃamˠɾˠoːɡ], which is the Irish word for plant (seamair) as seen on our logo and it means simply "young plant." We are a young, new and fresh lodge and restaurant in Kamwala South.    

The Genesis

Newness comes with fresh ideas, suprises and novel imagination. And that's what we stand for.

Shamrock Lodge and Restaurant started in January 2018. Since then we have consistently strived to meet our guests' expectations. We are an executive, classy lodging, dining, drinking and events facility.  All our lodging units feature amenities such as HD DSTV, mini-fridge, air-conditioning, couches, study table, coffee station, etc. 

The Promise

We are humble yet confident enough to say that we have the best lodge in Kamwala South with beaufiful  surroundings, state of the art bar and restaurant in a quite neighborhood. 

Our guests are presented with an entirely new and unique lodging, dining and drinking experience to meet their individual taste and style. Our professional and experienced staff constantly work hard to offer efficient customer service with a smile. 

Our promise to you is anchored on three words that define our innermost desire to combine taste and myth: hospitality, sophistication and style.  You are therefore warmly welcome to enjoy any of our services. 

We are located on No. 8, Topaz Road. The location is a short 10 minutes drive from Lusaka CBD area and is reachable through a newly built tarmac road. Come rain, come sun, our lodge is accessible.


Director of Operations

 : (260) 961 002 075/ (260) 956 312 120


Chief Financial Officer


We delight in serving you!